The Terms

The Terms of The Maker Competition

Competition period



Competition’s organizer

The competition is organized by the Art Centre for Children and Young People (business ID 0451072-9). Telephone +358 40 757 8375.

Further in the text the ”organizer” refers to the Art Centre for Children and Young People.


The rewards

  1. Passing the application stage and entering the competition
  2. Professional mentoring during the competition
  3. Rewards proposed by the competitors in the application form, e.g. utensils, materials or equipment needed in making. The rewards are customized according to the competitors’ needs and wishes and the organizer’s resources.
  4. Participation in the boot camp in the Cultural Centre Villa Arttu, Hyvinkää, Finland
  5. Residence at the Makerspaceman’s makerspace studio in Teijo, Finland
  6. Product prizes


The number and the value of the prizes are determined during the competition period. They depend on the number of the competitors, the nature of the works processed during the competition period and the organizer’s partners.


Evaluation of the works and selecting the presentees

The presentees are selected during the different stages of the competition.

  1. The final competitors are selected on the applications during the week 46. The result of the selection is published during the week 47. The number of the finalists depends on the number of the applicants and the nature of the works proposed. The competitors are rewarded with professonial mentoring and with a limited number of materials, utensils and equipment proposed by the applicants.
  2. The selected works are evaluated by the jury in the boot camp in Villa Arttu 16.1.2021. Peer review is carried out among the competitors.
  3. An on line public voting for the best finished work is run during 1.-29.2.2021.


Based on the evaluations and public voting the jury nominates the presentees.


Publishing the winners and rewards

The organizer informs the winners by e-mail. The winners and the winning works are published in social media and on the website www.värkkä


The rewards are distributed in Young Culture Festival’s Nuori Taide 2021 -event in Pori 22.5.2021.


Data protection

The organizer does not give away any personal data of the competitors.


The organizer’s liability

The organizer liability concerning the competitors is restricted to the number and value of the rewards of the competition. The organizer is not liable for the possible losses or damages due to the competition regardless of the way they originate. The organizer is not liable for possible technical faults.

The organizer is not liable for the problems caused by third parts like disturbances in internet connections. The organizer is not liable for incomplete, inappropriate, unreadable or unpublishable sendings or applications not delivered due to tehcnical faults.

The costs of participating

The competitors are responsible for the costs of the finishing work apart from the material rewards granted by the organizer. The competitors travelling and accommodation costs are not compensated.

Copyright and licence

The competitors own the copyright and licence of their works. By accepting these terms the competitor gives the organizer a right to show the works, the photographs of the works and the videos of the works publicly both during the competition period and after it in:

  • digital environment
  • printed material
  • exhibition in the Cultural Centre Villa Arttu.

The organizer does not pay for showing the photographs, the videos or the original works. By accepting these terms the competitor approves of publishing the name of the author in connection with the works and the photographs and videos of them.


Changing the competition’s terms

The organizer has a right to change the competition’s terms at any time.


Additional information